Barry's Henry Winkler Reveals Gene's Alternate Plan In Series Finale

Although Gene Cousineau’s fate at the end of Barry was to spend the rest of his life in prison after killing Barry Berkman in cold blood, Henry Winkler revealed what Gene planned to do before killing Barry.

According to Winkler, with his legal problems looming with high walls around him — all stemming from completely false narratives — Gene pulled out a gun gifted to him by actor Rip Torn with the aim of Use it to kill yourself. However, he ends up going the other way in the Barry series finale as Gene realizes that Barry has entered his house.

Winkler revealed to the Vultures what Cousino was thinking before realizing Barry Berkman was back. “I think he was battling feelings until he heard the voices outside the door. Because if he was going to take his own life, he was going to end it the moment he picked up the gun. He wasn’t going to say, oh, Well, I think I’m going to get up and go to the other room and shoot my head out. Gene will go that way because he’ll never be able to explain his story,” Winkler added. When I walked into that hotel room, I was a little unhinged. Everyone is confronting him and blaming him. When he realized, a switch was flipped and I was blamed for it all, which I can’t explain. He went to his son, and his son said, “Well, you never really tell the truth, so we don’t know.” I mean, he flipped his wig.

Barry  Henry  Winkler  Gene  Cousineau  Fate Cousineau falsely accused of conspiring to have his girlfriend Janice Moss killed by Barry. Because Gene accepted Barry’s money to pay for his son’s house, and shot his son because he thought Barry was coming to kill him, he inadvertently built up enough evidence that he didn’t Get involved in a life of crime. Even though both Gene and the audience know the case against him is 100% false, his defense of just “he said, she said” isn’t enough in court.

That’s what makes him finally kill Barry so poetic. None of this would have happened if he had never had sex with Barry, because doing so would only make his life worse. Barry kills the love of his life, which sets off a chain reaction that leads to Gene being wrongfully imprisoned for his alleged involvement. Barry has caused so much pain in Gene’s life – which, to be fair, was not his intention – that punishment is warranted. Now that Gene’s life is ruined and his redemption hopeless, the last thing he can do is get rid of the man who made it all fall apart.

Cousineau shouldn’t have ruined his life, but his arrogance did. He may have learned from his mistakes, but Gene Cousineau couldn’t help but crave recognition. Out of sheer desire for attention, he wanted to craft a story out of his time with Barry. Then, after letting Warner Bros. know he didn’t want to make a movie about his story years later, the police tricked him by luring big-name actors like Mark Wahlberg and Daniel Day-Lewis to play the story. up. While not a malicious person until the end, Jean’s vulnerability to adoration ruined him.

Barry can be played on Max.

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