Artist Redesigns Pokemon Using Lilo and Stitch's Style

A wildly inventive Pokemon fan created Lilo and Stitch-inspired versions of a variety of creatures, coming up with incredible concepts that would fit perfectly into the film. It’s the latest in a Disney-inspired take on Pokemon, and it showcases the creativity of the community when it comes to shaping Pokemon into new forms.

Fan-made artwork is one of the most popular topics in the online Pokemon community and has been for decades, even as the social media boom has made it more accessible. One of the most prominent trends in the Pokemon art world right now is the development of Paradox Pokemon forms inspired by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with future and past versions of each character getting very unique results.

Artist and Pokemon fan Troyheartboy came up with an interesting concept for Lilo and Stitch-inspired Pokemon. In a Reddit thread, seen here, versions of many different creatures in this style can be seen. Some of these designs include Golden, Mew, Furrett, Zangoose, Ampharos, and Skitty. They all keep the classic shapes and colors, but their faces look Stitch-like and tend to be more rounded and cheerful than usual, mimicking the style of the film very well.

lilo-and-stitch-pokemon This isn’t the first time Troytheartboy has created art based on this concept. About a year ago, he first created some neat Pokemon designs based on Lilo and Stitch, including classic creatures like Vulpix, Squirtle, Eevee, Flareon, and more.

In the comments to the post, most Redditors praised the creators’ skills, highlighting how Troyheartboy designed the perfect faces for Pokemon who would be a perfect match if they appeared in the movie. The most controversial painting, though, is that of Skitty, which some people don’t like very much. For example, one user claimed they ruined the creature’s face, while another joked that this version of Skitty really looks like Dustin from Stranger Things.

Pokemon and Lilo and Stitch are enduring beloved franchises that will still be remembered for a long time to come. The original Lilo and Stitch movies came out more than 20 years ago, and its lovable characters still inspire people today. Plus, Stitch’s design is cool and memorable, a vestige of an era where even the biggest studios aren’t afraid to innovate when it comes to creating characters and storylines.

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