Arby's Brings Back Its Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set

Popular fast food restaurant chain Arby’s has announced that it is re-introducing its popular gaming accessory, the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Set. Originally released by Arby’s in 2021, these dice sold out quickly. Fans have been asking for a rerelease of the dice for years, and it looks like Arby’s is finally saying yes.

While Arby’s is no stranger to game collaborations, for the Dungeons Dragons community who have been eagerly awaiting the return of the dice set, this announcement comes as a source of great joy. The DD community showed great excitement about the release of the Arby dice set, reflecting the company’s efforts to reach a younger gaming audience. Arby’s has been exploring Dungeons Dragons and board game culture for a while now, and it seems to be gaining a foothold in the gaming market.

The set will only be available on Arby’s official website while it’s capped, with a second sale scheduled for April 21st. The polyhedron set contains seven translucent dice, each containing a miniature of Arby’s recognizable hat badge surrounded by golden numbers. The company name and logo appear on the key side of Arby’s collectible dice instead of the 20 reading. Also, the release of the dice set is not a direct link between the fast food chain and Dungeons Dragons, nor is it a promotion for the movie Dungeons Dragons Honor Among Thieves. Click here to view dice sets.

Arby’s official Twitter account posted a post commemorating the debut of the dice, which included paper uprights and a small Arby terrain set. Dungeons Dragons and other board games have long been experimented with by Arby’s and others. One of the most famous examples is Feast of Legends, a tabletop role-playing game created by Wendy, which featured parodies of its competitors and even had a paper rulebook.

Arby’s is by no means the only chain leveraging gaming branding or aspects of pop culture. For example, Pizza Hut previously announced a partnership with Genshin Impact to release branded merchandise. Genshin Impact characters are placed on several items, including pizza boxes and drinking glasses.

Another example is McDonald’s collaboration giveaway with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. However, with the return of the Dungeons Dragons Dragons dice set, Arby’s continues to make strides in the gaming and pop culture communities, further establishing itself as a gaming-related brand.

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