Apex Legends Reveals New Season 17 Character

Respawn has officially revealed its new Apex Legends character, which will make its battle royale debut. The announcement was made a few months ago after Apex Legends opted not to add new characters in season 16. While Respawn has yet to share what the new Legend will look like in the game, this latest addition will be good news for many fans who have been anticipating new playable characters.

While Season 16 marks the first time the game hasn’t introduced a new Legend, it has become one of Respawn’s more intriguing periods. Most notably, Apex Legends set a new all-time player count record on Steam less than a day after the release of Season 16. Not long after, new records were set as the player base continued to grow over the past few months. With the game maintaining a steady stream of quality-of-life updates and other tweaks, the upcoming season’s new legend promises to tease fans for months to come.

In its latest “Tales from Outland” trailer, Respawn introduces a new Legendary named August Brinkman, also known as Ballistic. A veteran of the Thunderdome Games era, the next addition to Apex Legends will be an Assault character coming to Arsenal in the upcoming season. The announcement confirms some leaks from March, when Ballistic was rumored to be appearing in Apex Legends season 17. While there isn’t much information on the character’s abilities or mechanics, players can look forward to more details in the Season 17 release trailer on April 26.

Of course, new characters aren’t the only changes the developers have introduced in the new season. According to Respawn, season 17 will include updated versions of the World’s Edge map and shooting range, as well as a “weapon mastery” feature that will let Apex Legends players complete challenges and earn rewards. The studio teased that ranked play will also see changes, though how those changes will play out in the new season remains to be seen.

Overall, 2023 is already an interesting year for Respawn and Apex Legends. The company has gone through some notable changes, including discontinuing the mobile version of its battle royale and canceling the unannounced Apex Legends single-player game. However, the studio’s decision to focus more on tuning and quality-of-life updates over the past few months has received positive feedback from many fans. Now, with teases for the upcoming saga, it’ll be interesting to see how the franchise’s appeal changes.

Apex Legends is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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