Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Makes Hilarious Discovery in a Thrift Store

Animal Crossing: A New Horizons player was taken aback when he found a portrait of a character in a thrift store near them. Players said they stumbled across a “familiar face” wondering who would have left this random Animal Crossing-themed gift there.

Whitney is one of the many wolf characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, she is known as an arrogant villager who is very arrogant and rude to other villagers. She always wears elegant clothes and often comment on everyone’s fashion sense. However, the player can become good friends with Whitney by constantly talking and interacting with her. Even so, she maintains a subtly rude manner when speaking to the player.

Perhaps for this reason, Reddit user cucumberoll found a framed photo of Whitney sitting in a thrift store. In the image, Whitney can be seen wearing her gray pajama dress, which can be obtained from Able Sisters in New Horizons in Animal Crossing : for 1,200 bells. Some players asked users to check if they could see Whitney’s famous “Don’t Cry Wolf Unless You Seriously” behind the framed picture. Unfortunately the OP mentioned that they didn’t check.

Many players also expressed disappointment that the OP did not purchase framed photos of Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters. The OP also talked about how they never had Whitney visit their island before, but finding it in the wild was a lovely thing. Another player also talked about how they made an Ankha portrait as a gift from a friend they found in another Animal Crossing subreddit, and at the end the player wondered if the friend they gave the portrait kept the gift years later.

Funny enough, given her high status and looks, this would be one of the worst things about Whitney. Some players will argue that Whitney is better suited to a sophisticated art gallery than her unintentional thrift store cameo. Someone must not have liked receiving this photo though, so left it at the thrift store for all to see. Some players asked the OP where to find the pictures, but the OP encouraged them to support their local library by printing pictures of their favorite Animal Crossing characters.

Animal Crossing : New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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