Amazon Prime's New Audio Tool Is What Streaming Audiences Have Wanted for Years

Amazon Prime Video has launched a new feature that solves a problem that ordinary viewers had long before the streaming service even existed. The solution has been deployed on selected streaming content as part of an internal program to improve accessibility.

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming platform that hosts a variety of Amazon original content created by Amazon Studios and MGM Holdings, in addition to content from other production companies, and facilitates live events, video rental services and more. The platform has more than 200 million users and continues to add high-profile content to its offerings, such as the live-action Spider-Man series currently being developed by the platform’s co-studio.

In a blog post published by Amazon, the company announced their new artificial intelligence feature, descriptively called Dialogue Boost, which uses artificial intelligence techniques to analyze media and identify parts of the media that might make it difficult to hear conversations through other voices. then increase the dialogue volume to suit. Amazon has been known to use a number of different methods to entice users to its streaming platform, such as having cloud service Amazon Luna offer free games to Prime subscribers every month to entice more people to sign up. However, this feature directly addresses a quality-of-life issue that nearly everyone has and is probably one of their best moves yet, especially when it comes to retaining subscribers.

Amazon  Prime  Video  Dialogue  Boost  Tool “At Prime Video, we are committed to creating an inclusive, fair and enjoyable streaming experience for all customers,” said Raf Soltanovich, Vice President of Technology, Prime Video and Amazon Studios. “Our library of subtitled and audio description content continues to grow, and by leveraging our technological capabilities to create industry-first innovations like Dialogue Boost, we’re taking another step toward creating a more accessible streaming experience.” About Stress-Free Accessibility A strong focus on sexuality could be a major factor in securing some of the platform’s external content, such as the proposed Prime Video deal between Warner Bros. Discovery and Amazon to partner and host DC Animated content.

This innovative new solution will be particularly effective in genres with lots of loud sounds or sustained effects, such as action, adventure, and more specifically, fantasy, genres that Amazon has already invested heavily in, such as The Ring of Thrones already in its Before the premiere, the company spent more than $700 million. As the fierce competition in the genre and streaming in general intensifies, it will be interesting to see how effectively this tool will help Amazon Prime Video move forward in the market.

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