Alleged Destiny 2 Leaker Fighting to Prove Innocence After Bungie Banned Their Account

Destiny 2 streamer Ekuegan is trying to clear his name after Bungie accused them of leaking important information about the game’s future updates and trajectory. Following the allegations, Bungie banned their Destiny 2 account, which has now become the center of controversy in the community.

Bungie recently held a confidential summit featuring several prominent members of the Destiny 2 community, Ekuegan being one of them. This annual summit has become the norm since the first summit in 2018, where Bungie showcased future plans for the game and listened to feedback from those invitees to improve the player experience. However, after several leaks about future Destiny 2 updates and seasons surfaced online, the latest one quickly became the talk of the community. According to reports, Bungie believed Ekuegan was the alleged leaker and decided to take drastic measures. However, there seems to be another side to the matter, as the Ekuegan are doing everything they can to prove their innocence in the matter.

The Twitch streamer expressed their disappointment on Twitter, writing: “All I know is that company made a huge mistake and I will clear my name. I’m working on it, don’t worry, I’m Saw the real thing on the label. I held my head high, I had a nature day today, and it feels great to be off the internet.” Bungie didn’t publicly name or blame Destiny 2 streamer Ekuegan, which could be part of their lack of response Mention the reason for the developer. Ekuegan even shared a screenshot of their Twitch channel showing over 19,000 hours of Destiny 2 streaming to prove that they have no incentive to do so.

Several popular streamers and community members have addressed the situation, criticizing the leak but not believing Ekuegan was responsible. Popular streamer Datto said how Ekuegan has become a mainstay for the Destiny 2 community, and that Bungie should look into the matter carefully before taking such a drastic step. Another streamer, Azetcross, mentioned how Ekuegan provided valuable input at the summit and was a great resource for the Destiny 2 community.

As of now, Ekuegan has decided to stay away from streaming until the situation is resolved. Although, when asked if they would forgive Bungie if they apologized properly, they replied vaguely “We’ll see,” which means there may be more news on this in the days to come. Bungie has always valued its Destiny 2 community and acknowledged mistakes when they were at fault. However, since the two sides insist on their own opinions, it is difficult to predict when this matter will be completely resolved.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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