Alinity Considering Leaving Twitch After Recent Ban

After controversial Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon was banned for violating the site’s guidelines, the streamer denounced the ban on social media and strongly hinted at leaving the Amazon-owned service to competitors. Alinity’s response to her second ban from Twitch came shortly after the hammer fell on her, and social media users responded to it in their own way.

In 2020, Alinity received her first ban from Twitch after a wardrobe malfunction during a stream. The ban was originally planned to last only one day. However, at Alinity’s own request, Twitch deemed it appropriate to extend the ban to three days. Despite the ban and its aftermath, Alinity remains a controversial figure in the streaming world, with more than 1.4 million followers on her Twitch page at the time of her second ban. However, unlike her first ban, Alinity did not take news of her second ban very well.

On Twitter, Alinity said the ban she received from Twitch would again be for three days. She added that the ban was in response to “twerk dancing” on streaming, which violates the site’s rules against provocative and sexual content, and released a clip of the dance to ensure transparency. In a follow-up, Alinity said she initially received a lesser punishment for her 2020 wardrobe glitch, but quickly took issue with Twitch’s anti-pornography policy and claimed there were more egregious crimes that deserved priority. However, on the spur of the moment, Alinity claimed she would consider taking her stream elsewhere. Whether that means she’ll consider a jump to Kick or Rumble remains to be seen.

While a handful of Twitter users took the opportunity to bring up Alinity’s cat-throwing incident, most of Twitter’s response to the ban this time around was in Alinity’s favour. While most thought the dance technically violated Twitch’s pornographic content rules, some users called the three-day penalty too long and said a one-day ban was enough. Other users said the dance was “tame” and didn’t deserve a ban. However, as of this writing, Alinity has no plans to appeal the ban.

While the pornography policy itself remains a hot topic in the streaming community, that doesn’t change the fact that Alinity’s ban could be one of the biggest Twitch bans of 2023. Only time will tell what this means for Alinity and Twitch going forward.

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