Alan Wake 2 is on Track for This Year, Says Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment has revealed that a survival horror sequel, Alan Wake 2, is currently in the works and will hit theaters later this year. Back in 2021, The Game Awards Show featured a number of surprising game announcements from big-name studios. What caught many by surprise was the reveal of Alan Wake 2, the sequel to the neglected cult classic adventure from Remedy Entertainment, the game whose fans were hoping for a sequel. More than a decade after the last game, fans will revisit the town of Bright Falls, this time with a survival horror premise.

Alan Wake 2 promises to be Remedy Entertainment’s biggest game yet, ditching its Twin Peaks-inspired tone in favor of a more ambitious scope and storytelling the studio hopes to nail down. The studio has also grown over the past few years, opening new branches outside of Finland in Stockholm and Sweden. After a previous update to the game a few months ago, Remedy announced that the sequel will be released this year.

The information was given in a blog post on Remedy Entertainment’s website, which revealed the studio’s brand new logo. This is the first update to the studio logo in two decades and is intended to represent what the company is today. As it drew to a close, it said the future was “exciting,” with Alan Wake 2 set to release later this year. A previous update for Alan Wake 2 said it was targeting a 2023 window, and it looks like that promise is being delivered.

According to the blog post, Remedy Entertainment’s previous logo incorporated a bullet shape into the R shape, which was representative of the Max Payne line, arguably the “era” defined by the studio. With Remedy Entertainment now owning multiple games, the logo was changed to represent its evolution.

Although the game is confirmed to be on track this year, there’s no firm release window for Alan Wake 2, though it’s likely to be announced in due course. Beyond Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment promises more experiences from the studio in the coming years. In addition to the survival horror sequel, some of the titles currently in development at Remedy Entertainment include full-scale remakes of the first two Max Payne games, and a sequel to Control, a lineup of games meant to expand on Remedy’s larger, interconnected universe.

Alan Wake 2 is scheduled for release in 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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