Alan Wake 2 Devs Aren't Worried About October Competition

Alan Wake 2’s developers recently stated that they’re not worried about the game’s content-heavy month of release. The Remedy Entertainment developer also talked about the game’s length, Saga Anderson and her co-star, and other fun facts.

Alan Wake 2 is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Remedy Entertainment. The game aims to transport viewers back to the horrors of a twisted writer in a nightmarish New York City. The game stars two protagonists, returning writer Alan Wake and New York investigator Saga Anderson, as they experience their own stories and unravel the mysteries of the dark place where Alan is trapped.

Some of the developers at Remedy recently spoke to Wccftech about Alan Wake 2 and its upcoming October 17th release date. The developers confidently say they’re not intimidated by the competition the game will face in October. This month in particular will bring plenty of content for fans of horror games. Thomas Puha, director of communications for Remedy Entertainment, said: “We’re really just worried about making the best game we can. That’s what matters in the end. The director also said that there will always be competition and it’s not too much of a factor.

alanwake2-3 Puha also talks about Saga Anderson and her partner Alex Casey. The developer confirmed that the character is the same as the character of the same name in Alan Wake’s action-thriller, which became his best seller. Puha wasted no time coyly saying that the revelation was “very meta, with a lot of meta layers.” In further interviews, he talked about how long it would take to beat Alan Wake 2, saying the game was about 20 hours long. to complete, depending on the player’s skill. The reason for this is due to the dual nature of the story, the player will switch back and forth between each protagonist as they experience their own horrors.

On a more technical level, the developer also talked about Alan Wake 2’s connection to the entire interconnected universe developed by Remedy. While Thomas didn’t comment on whether any of Control’s characters would appear in the game, he did say, “If you’ve played our previous games, the first and second expansion packs for Control ( AWE), which explains how the whole game kicks off, and then yeah, there’s a lot of connection there, and a lot to find out. So, players should be able to look forward to a hidden connection between Alan Wake 2 and Control in the main story and investigation some deep connections.

Alan Wake 2 launches October 17 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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