Adin Ross Gambles With Unexpected Sports Celebrity on Kick Stream

Adin Ross had an unexpected celebrity guest on his Kick channel’s latest gambling livestream, where he played alongside UFC president Dana White. Ross has become one of the most outspoken anchors on the internet in recent years, often finding himself in hot water for controversial remarks on social media. Rose even received a permanent ban from Twitch shortly after his high-profile move to new start-up streaming rival Kick. Now Rose has invited a popular sports personality to one of his latest shows for a night of gambling.

Kick has gained massive traction in recent weeks, with the platform trying to land several high-profile Twitch streamers. Top talent like Kai Cenat and Asmongold have reportedly received offers from Kick to move their streams to the platform and away from Twitch. Adin Ross himself even teased several would-be streamers who could make the switch to startup platforms themselves in the near future, including talents like iShowSpeed and BruceDropEmOff. Kick has gained a lot of attention in the streaming world, and now, UFC president Dana White is appearing on the site alongside Ardin Rose.

The latest Kick stream from Adin Ross shows the popular content creator hanging out and gambling with UFC President Dana White. The staggering 13 hours of live content included a full day of Adin Ross meeting friends, fellow streamers and even fans before arriving at the casino and meeting White. Once Rose and White met, the two played blackjack for more than five hours during the live broadcast.

adin-ross-kick-gambling-ufc-president-dana-white Adin Ross has been one of the most outspoken supporters of gambling streaming following Twitch’s crackdown on gambling on the platform. Twitch’s high-profile ban on gambling streaming last year has led some gambling-focused creators to look to switch to new platforms, of which Kick is a popular choice. Kick would see big names like Trainwreck and Ross leave Twitch for the new platform, with Trainwreck even acting as a representative and co-founder of Kick. Gambling has become one of the most popular categories on streaming platforms, often boasting tens of thousands of viewers.

While Adin Ross has emerged as one of Kick’s biggest talents, his success on the platform has come with its fair share of controversy. Kick recently unveiled a new set of moderation policies to combat sexually explicit content on the site. Ross has often been criticized for the pornographic content of some of his streams, many of which are viewed by viewers who are believed to be underage. As his community on Kick continues to grow, Ross is sure to continue to disrupt and become one of streaming’s most controversial creators.

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