8 Year Old Gamer Beats Elden Ring's Hardest Boss

An 8-year-old gamer managed to defeat the toughest boss in Elden Ring. Players will encounter many challenging bosses and mini-bosses in Elden Ring, and even common enemies can cause difficulty for the user if not paying attention. Malenia is arguably the hardest boss in Elden Ring, and she can only be fought at the end of a challenging late-game optional area.

Bandai Namco recently revealed some interesting stats about player engagement in Elden Ring, confirming that players have attempted to defeat Malenia 329 million times. Other owners such as Margit and Limgrave’s Tree Sentinel sit on $281 million and $277 million respectively, while Radagon and Starscourge Radahn are also on the list. Although the fight against Malenia was tough, it looked like an 8-year-old player had managed to beat her.

A Reddit user named thatguyinarobe claims their 8-year-old managed to defeat Malenia in the Elden Ring after weeks of failure. The poster mentioned that both users were playing on the same account, but they got tired of fighting Malenia and hadn’t played Elden Ring in over a month. They also shared some details on defeating Malenia, noting that the player used the Bloodhound’s Fang from the Elden Ring in this fight, while utilizing the Freezing Grease consumable and the Ember of the Simulated Tears.

Many gamers in the comments section congratulated the player on the daunting task, with some users saying the youthful reaction contributed to the victory. Some fans asked more questions about the build, as the frozen grease seemed to work really well for Malenia. Users can also try out the Freezing Pot consumable on Malenia, allowing them to counter her most annoying attacks. Overall, fans seemed impressed with the 8-year-old’s performance, but some players discussed whether Elden Ring was appropriate to play at this age.

While the fight against Malenia is extremely difficult, some Elden Ring players have defeated her in more challenging situations. These players will often place limits on themselves in combat, such as only being able to fight Malenia at level 1, and killing her without rolling. Some Elden Ring users have also shared incredible videos of them beating Malenia in seconds, with one player recently beating her with just two hits, one for each phase of the fight.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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