3DS Owners Are Bringing StreetPass Back

Despite the closure of the Nintendo eShop, 3DS owners are continuing to keep the handheld platform alive with a big push to restore StreetPass functionality. Nintendo took the 3DS and Wii U eShops offline a few days ago, and since then, many fans have been looking for ways to get the most out of previous-generation handhelds, some of which are exclusive to StreetPass.

Due to the very extensive Nintendo 3DS game library, a large number of digital games are now unavailable due to the end of the 3DS and Wii U eShop. Although Nintendo warned 3DS and Wii U owners nearly a year before the eShop shut down, some fans were caught off guard by the change that made it impossible to buy games through the platform itself. While these Nintendo fans can’t buy the missing 3DS games from their collections, they have an important way to keep their handheld relevant.

Twitter user StreetPassLove has only been on the platform since February, but they already have a lot planned for the future, including an event for Nintendo 3DS players. StreetPassLove has confirmed that there will be a global StreetPass event running from today through April 2, and Nintendo 3DS owners can access it from multiple locations. U.S. venues announced by StreetPassLove include MegaCon in Florida, Switch Play in New York, Chicago Entertainment Expo in Illinois, Steel City Con in Pittsburgh, Midwest Gaming Classic in Wisconsin, Charlotte Comicon in North Carolina and Austin, Texas South Lamar Alamo, and many international attractions to visit.

Nintendo 3DS fans outside the US can join the global StreetPass celebrations at FACTS 2023 in Belgium, London Games Festival in the UK, Oz Comic-Con in Australia, Kaizoku-Con in Ireland and Paris Manga Sci-Fi Show in France. Contact other StreetPass To participate in this event, Nintendo 3DS owners need to be connected to Wi-Fi and select the StreetPass feature from the main menu. 3DS owners can play some mini-games with the StreetPass characters they meet, while everyone gets a chance to unlock lost puzzles at Nintendo Mii squares.

According to StreetPassLove, there’s also a Discord channel for 3DS owners to join for future events in their area if they can’t make it to the event. Given that this is StreetPassLove’s first major StreetPass event, there’s likely to be more to come as 3DS owners continue to celebrate the Nintendo family of handhelds.

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